Our vision

To see a reduction in levels of alcohol-related harm through ensuring that policy and practice can be developed on the basis of reliable, research-based, evidence

Our Mission

We work to reduce levels of alcohol-related harm by ensuring that policy and practice can always be developed on the basis of research-based evidence. We are a lead funder of high quality research into the causes, impact and prevention of alcohol-related harm and are the only organisation exclusively dedicated to building an evidence base in this area.

Our Position Statement

We are:

Independent – we are governed by a board of trustees that represents the diversity and complexity of the issues relating to alcohol harm reduction, including public health, clinicians, marketing experts, practitioners, alcohol industry and academic community. We regularly refresh and review our governance arrangements to make sure that it is representative of the key issues relating to alcohol harm. We do not accept funds directly from the alcohol industry.

Objective – through the promotion of the existing evidence base we aim to be a balanced and objective voice in the policy debate. We have no vested interest other than promoting the existing evidence base and highlighting, identifying and filling gaps in it, through the provision of research funding to the scientific research community and other projects that contribute to the evidence-base.

Evidence-based – We are experts in the current evidence base around alcohol harm and alcohol harm reduction and highlight where evidence is clear and where further research is needed.

Accessible – We aim to make links between the research community, policy makers and the public, in order to increase awareness of the causes as well as the problems relating to alcohol harm.

Review of our recent work

This document describes our recent research, achievements, events and initiatives.