Invitation to tender – Dry January evaluation 2019

We are inviting applications from experienced evaluation teams to assess the impact of Alcohol Concern’s Dry January campaign 2019.  

Ambitious for change? We’re recruiting up to six new trustees

Alcohol harm affects millions of people across the UK, from the risky middle-aged drinker who knows he shouldn’t be drinking every night to the dependent drinker struggling to regain her independence, from the child growing up in a chaotic household to the family bereaved by a drink driver. But none of this is inevitable. Change […]

Advertising regulation needs strengthening to better regulate alcohol marketing on social media, new research finds

New research published today (18 July 2018) shows the significant role that drinking venues and alcohol brands play in marketing alcohol products to young people on social media. The report highlights how the regulatory system for alcohol marketing (under the UK advertising Codes of Practice regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority) is struggling to keep […]

New research: Alcohol treatment services in England at crisis point, putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk

A new report, to be launched at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Harm today (1 May), warns that the alcohol treatment sector is in crisis. These services are entering into a cycle of disinvestment, staff depletion, and reduced capacity, and this is due to get worse; in 2020 ring-fenced public health funding will […]

First of its kind study reveals far-reaching benefits of recovery for families of dependent drinkers

New research published today (26 February) – the first of its kind – shows how the recovery journey of a dependent drinker can markedly improve the lives of their families, for as long as recovery is sustained. In England, there are an estimated 595,000 dependent drinkers* and 222,000 children living in a household with a […]

Targeted training leads to significant increase in the delivery of alcohol interventions in primary care, new study shows

New research published today (8 February) shows a marked increase in the delivery of alcohol brief interventions in primary care settings where nurse mentors are specifically trained, bringing significant benefits to those at risk of alcohol harm. The research, funded by Alcohol Research UK and conducted by Substance Misuse Management Good Practice (SMMGP), highlights the […]

Public involvement in alcohol research

Our new new report on public involvement in alcohol research is now available. The report sets out some of the key principles behind greater public involvement in our field. It also explores the key challenges and describes how we feel researchers might better engage with the public in future.

Majority of residential alcohol treatment centres unfairly excluding older adults, new study warns

New research published today (20 November) shows 1three out of four residential alcohol treatment facilities (rehabs) in England are failing older adults on the basis of arbitrary age limits which prevent them from accessing specialist rehab support. The study, which is being debated at a panel discussion at the House of Lords on Tuesday, 21 […]

Minimum unit pricing in Scotland will make life better for thousands of people, says charity – and calls for Westminster to step up

The Supreme Court in Scotland today (15 November) delivered its judgement that minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol is legal, a step which charity Alcohol Concern says will improve the health and wellbeing of thousands of people. Harmful drinking is the biggest avoidable cause of death for people aged 15-49 in the UK. It also […]

Blog Post: Supreme Court makes momentous decision on Minimum Unit pricing in Scotland

Today the Supreme Court has ruled that Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol is legal. This is a momentous decision, following five years of legal challenge led by the Scotch Whisky Association. It means that the Scottish Government can now implement MUP and allow a potentially game-changing alcohol policy to finally be introduced. After years […]