Alcohol Research UK seeks motivated Communications Manager (Campaigns and Media) to join team

Communications Manager (Campaigns and Media) This is an exciting opportunity to join a national organisation that is about to embark on a period of significant change. You will play a key role in developing some of our highest profile initiatives, including Dry January and Alcohol Awareness Week. You will also manage our relationship with the […]

Alcohol Research UK advertises for new Chief Executive

Alcohol Research UK is looking for an inspirational Chief Executive to lead the organisation through a major period of transition following its successful merger with Alcohol Concern in April. The Chief Executive will provide dynamic and transformative leadership to the newly reconfigured Alcohol Research UK realising the potential of the merged organisation to become a major player in the alcohol-harm […]

Website review

This website is currently under review following our merger with Alcohol Concern.  All existing content will remain available and unchanged until this process is complete.  

Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern merge

The trustees of Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern are pleased to announce the merger of the two charities following the completion of detailed negotiations over the last six months. The move will place the unified organisation in a much stronger position to achieve its joint mission of reducing the harms caused by alcohol; combining […]

Moving beyond patient and public involvement in alcohol research

Alcohol Research UK and Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, are delighted to announce a joint one day workshop on patient and public involvement in research where we will explore different ways to design and assess research that aims for co-production. Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is a requirement for most publicly […]

Co-production in alcohol research: what can we learn?

While alcohol harms can occur across society, many of those most profoundly affected are also the most vulnerable and hard to reach individuals. As a new study by researchers at Liverpool John Moores University shows, the role of alcohol in the lives of homeless drinkers can be very damaging

Vulnerable people at risk of homelessness and alcohol dependency need positive support networks in times of crisis, a new study suggests

Adverse significant life events combined with low levels of support and social isolation can increase the risk of a person becoming homeless and developing a dependence on alcohol, a new study suggests.

Updated Local Alcohol Profiles for England

Yesterday, Public Health England released the latest update to their Local Alcohol Profiles for England. In addition to information on alcohol-related mortality, hospital admissions and treatment, this version includes new data on both alcohol sales and numbers of licensed premises.

Drinkers much less likely to notice responsible drinking messages in pub environment, says new study

Drinkers are much less likely to notice responsible drinking messages on posters displayed in a busy, cluttered pub environment than in a plain and simple room, show results of a study published today by psychologists at London South Bank University (LSBU) and Alcohol Research UK.

Researching with purpose: what is the point of public involvement?

On Wednesday, 5th April Alcohol Research UK will be hosting a national conference on public involvement in alcohol research.  Here our new Senior Research and Policy Officer, Jo Cairns, describes her journey from conventional academic researcher to someone with a passion for working with the public.