Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern publish annual reports for 2016/17

In April 2017, Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern merged to become the UK’s leading independent alcohol charity. On 6 November the merged organisation published its annual reports for 2016/17. The reports cover the period prior to the merger. CEO of the merged organisation, Dr Richard Piper, said: “This is a particularly exciting and important time […]

Alcohol Research UK Annual Review 2015-16

Our Annual Review 2015-16 contains information on the wide range of work that we have supported over the year.

Identifying the alcohol evidence base

This page provides an overview of the resources available online for people wanting to access or produce research in the alcohol field.  It focuses on UK-based sources but includes an overview of international peer-reviewed journals.

Researching alcohol harm: 30 years of impact

In 2014, we commissioned a team lead by Professor Richard Velleman to look at the the impact of Alcohol Research UK and it predecessor the Alcohol Education and Research Council.  

The new alcohol guidelines explained

The UK Chief Medical Officers have published new guidelines for low-risk levels of alcohol consumption.  This brief guide will explain what they mean.

Alcohol brief interventions: where next for IBA

This briefing paper produced by the Alcohol Academy  warns that unless decisive and coordinated action is taken the effectiveness of the UK’s current approach to alcohol brief interventions will wane, hampering the programme’s ability to deliver important benefits to those at risk from harmful levels of drinking.

Local and national alcohol policy: how do they interact?

In May 2014 the Centre for History in Public Health at LSHTM ran a History and Policy Seminar on local and national alcohol policy with speakers from Alcohol Research UK, Middlesex University and Public Health England.  The report  is available here.

Sales to drunk customers: policy, enforcement and responsibility

A new report by Alcohol Research UK and the Alcohol Academy calls for a full review of the law on sales to drunk customers.

UK alcohol policy since 2002 – the key documents

This page brings together key UK Governmental documents on alcohol policy since 2002.  The 2003 and 2005 Licensing Acts introduced changes to licensing practice and the hours during which alcohol could be sold.  There have also been many initiatives, strategies and committee reports which have contributed to changing public and political debate.

Research briefing: Licensing statistics 2013

The Home Office has published new figures showing the number of alcohol licences in force in England and Wales. This briefing provides an overview of key trends.