Policy briefing: Public health and alcohol licensing in England

This briefing is produced by Alcohol Research UK and the Local Government Association to support Public Health in its new role as a Responsible Authority under the 2003 Licensing Act.

Alcohol Research UK consultation response: The Government Alcohol Strategy

Alcohol Research UK has submitted its response to the Government’s Alcohol Strategy Consultation.  We call for the proposed minimum unit price for alcohol to be set at 50p, and support the proposed ban on multibuy discounts.  

Video: Alcohol Research UK annual conference 2013

Videos from the Alcohol Research UK annual conference ‘Alcohol and British Society’ held at the Wellcome Trust in March 2013. Presenters include Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Professor Mark Bellis, Professor Keith Humphreys, Professor David Foxcroft and Baroness Finlay of Llandaff.

Video: ‘Under Control?’ conference

Videos from ‘Under Control?: Alcohol and Drug Regulation, Past and Present’ held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in June 2013. This conference was co-sponsored by Alcohol Research UK and included presentations on alcohol history and policy from a number of leading researchers.

Effectiveness of schools-based life-skills and alcohol education programmes

A National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) review of UK and international literature on the impact of school-based alcohol education and life-skills programmes since 2008. This review considers which programmes offer the greatest value for money and the processes that facilitate or inhibit their implementation, sustainability and impact.

Winners and losers from street drinking bans

Pennay A., Room R. ‘Prohibiting public drinking in urban public spaces: a review of the evidence’. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy: 2012, 19(2), p. 91–101. So-called ‘alcohol-free zones’ have proliferated across the UK, preventing an individual drinking in public if police believe their drinking is causing a problem. This review of such measures finds they do […]

Video: An infernal spark: drink, addiction and disease

This talk by our Research Manager, James Nicholls, was given at the Museum of London as part of the Gresham College series of public lectures. It looks at the history of ideas around alcohol and addiction in the UK (45 minutes).

Commentary: The Government’s Alcohol Strategy

This paper comments on the evidence-base underpinning some of the key policy proposals within the Strategy and outlines research we’ve funded which is relevant to these proposals.

Alcohol Research UK consultation response: Low-risk guidelines for alcohol consumption

Alcohol Research UK’s response to the Commons Select Committee for Science and Technology consultation on low risk alcohol consumption guidelines.