Conference 2013: Professor Mark Bellis on the ‘alcohol harm paradox’

Professor Mark BellisProfessor Mark Bellis sets out initial findings from Alcohol Research UK’s current  Flagship Research Grant – Understanding the ‘Alcohol Harm Paradox’.  He examines why the poorest 20% of people in Britain suffer up to twice the levels of alcohol related harm as the most affluent 20% – despite reporting similar, or lower, levels of consumption.

Professor Bellis said, “There are a number of possible explanations for why similar amounts of alcohol appear to cause much greater harm in poorer communities.  These include differences in drinking patterns, hidden alcohol consumption and a cumulative health impact from poor diet, housing and other health challenges that leave people more vulnerable to the damages alcohol causes.”

Full presentation available for download here:

Understanding the Alcohol Harm Paradox (Professor Mark Bellis, Liverpool JMU)