A new approach to measuring drinking cultures in Britain

Research and Development Grant

Led by members of the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group, this project uses novel statistical data to develop new ways of describing the various types of drinking occasions that make up the UK’s drinking culture.  It also explores how drinking occasions vary between different social groups in order to establish whether multiple drinking cultures can be identified.

drinking cultures

When Government propose changes to alcohol policy, public debate often focuses on the likelihood of changes in the nation’s drinking culture.  However, what that culture is, which aspects of it require change and what an acceptable drinking culture would look like are typically poorly described.

The results of this study will provide policymakers with a framework for assessing which aspects of drinking cultures are problematic, which policies may impact upon these and what the drinking cultures they desire would look like.

Principle Investigator: Dr John Holmes (University of Sheffield)

This study will conclude in 2015.