Conference 2014

Alcohol Through the Life Course

18th March 2014

Alcohol affects people at all stages in their life, but we have little understanding of how impacts change with age. This international conference brought together some of the world’s leading experts on alcohol to discuss key research and policy issues in this area.

Professor Tim Stockwell, University of Victoria Canada
Moderate alcohol use in older years: A sign or a cause of good health?

Tim Stockwell

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Professor Robin Room (University of Melbourne)
Wet and dry generations: What happens with social change in drinking

Robin Room

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Dr Sarah Wadd (University of Bedfordshire)
Tackling alcohol misuse in older adults: A public health approach

Dr Sarah Wadd

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Professor Harry Sumnall (Liverpool John Moores University)
Intoxicated identity: Young people’s online alcohol behaviours

Harry Sumnall

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Dr Mark McCann (Queens University, Belfast)
Adolescent alcohol use trajectories: Parenting and school level effects

Dr Mark McCann

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Dr Jonathan Ling (University of Sunderland)
Everyday drinking: The meaning of alcohol for working age home drinkers

Dr Jonathan Ling

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Professor Ray Hodgson (Alcohol Research UK)
Alcohol research: Through its life course

Ray Hodgson

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Professor Jim Orford (University of Birmingham)
10 Years in the Lives of Heavy Drinkers

Professor Jim Orford

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