Conference 2016

Critical Measures: Next Steps in Alcohol Research and Policy

The REP, Birmingham – 16 March 2016

Our thanks to all those who attended our Annual Conference 2016. Your contributions helped to make this event one of our most successful to date!


Drinking trends are dynamic and have undergone many changes in recent years. Research has also started to highlight how alcohol harms vary by age, gender, region and other social factors. This conference presented new evidence on patterns of alcohol use across the UK, alcohol risks and harm, developing interventions, and reflections on the relationship between alcohol research and evidence-informed policy.

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Panel discussion 1: Calculating the risks of drinking

How do the risks of drinking vary across society, and how can recent research help us understand the role of age, gender and social status?

Professor Mark Bellis (University of Bangor)

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The Alcohol Harm Paradox: exposing hidden drinking and explaining hidden harms

Dr Annie Britton (University College London)

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Taking a lifecourse perspective: does previous drinking matter?

Professor Clare Holdsworth (Keele University)

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Prosperity, good health and drinking in later life

Panel discussion 2: Measuring alcohol consumption

What does the latest research tell us about patterns and trends in alcohol consumption across society?

Dr Mark Robinson (NHS Health Scotland)

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Using sales and survey data to monitor and evaluate alcohol policy: learning from MESAS

Dr John Holmes (Sheffield University)

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Using social practice theory to measure British drinking culture

Keynote Address

Jill Rutter (Institute for Government)

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Evidence and Policy

Alcohol Research UK since 1982

A look back at the actions and impact of Alcohol Research UK, and its predecessor the Alcohol Education and Research Council.

Dr James Nicholls (Director of Research and Policy Development, Alcohol Research UK)

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Alcohol Research UK since 1982
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Researching alcohol harm: 30 years of impact

Panel discussion 3: Research, evidence and alcohol policy

How does research evidence influence alcohol policy at local and national levels, and how can research better inform decision-making?

Panel discussion 4: Impacts of treatment and prevention

What can research tell us about the impact of interventions and prevention strategies on alcohol-related harm?

Andrew Brown (Public Health England)

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Alcohol prevention – the uneven arena for policy and practice