Postgraduate and Early Career Symposium 2017

Our 2017 Postgraduate and Early Career Symposium provided an exciting opportunity for early career researchers to come together to share their findings, learn from colleagues, and develop their professional network.

The full programme and abstract book are available to download here: Programme and Abstract book.

Photos from the day

Presentations from the day

Session 1: Preventing harm among young people

Brief Presentations

Michelle Hyatt, Southampton Solent University

Download Presentation:

Local intervention to prevent binge drinking with 16 to 18 year olds in Southampton: a realist evaluation approach


Joanna Bragg, University of Salford

Download Presentation:

A motivational interviewing approach to universal school-based prevention: eliciting adolescent behaviour change regarding alcohol consumption


Dominic Conroy, Birkbeck University

Download Presentation:

Benefits of and strategies for not drinking at social occasions among students: a mixed methods study


Hannah Carver, Edinburgh Napier University

Download Presentation:

Communicating with looked after young people about alcohol use


Session 2: Framing harmful drinking

Brief presentations and debate

James Morris, London South Bank University

Download Presentation:

Problem framing amongst harmful drinkers: does binary thinking undermine early recovery?


Claire Melia, Keele University

Download Presentation:

Populist discursive constructions of problematic alcohol use


Katalin Ujhely, University of Bolton

Download Presentation:

The will and the ways: positive psychology for dual diagnosis


Session 3: Parallel sessions

Parallel Session 1: Pathways to, and through, recovery

Kimberley Ross-Houle, Liverpool John Moores University

Download Presentation:

The relationship between alcohol consumption in the homeless population in relation to significant life events and living population


Lucy Dorey, University of Southampton

Download Presentation:

Experiences of early recovery following alcohol detoxification in a general hospital


Sara Wallhed-Finn, Karolinska Institutet

Download Presentation:

Treatment for alcohol dependence in primary care compared to specialist treatment – a randomised controlled trial


Parallel Session 2: Policy and behaviour change

Linda Somerville, Middlesex University

Download Presentation:

Public health and alcohol licensing in London: policy, partnership and politics


Marianne Erskine-Shaw, Edge Hill University

Download Presentation:

The influence of social context and alcohol on risk taking


Natasha Clarke, University of Liverpool

Download Presentation:

The effect of glass labels with calories, units and exercise or food equivalents on alcohol consumption and intention to drink


Session 4: Parents and families

Brief Presentations

Cheryl McQuire, Cardiff University

Download Presentation:

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in the UK: prevalence and risk factors


Joyce Nicholson, University of Glasgow

Download Presentation:

‘Safe Haven’ or ‘Nightmare’: the experience of school for alcohol and other drug using mothers and their children


Lisa Scholin, Liverpool John Moores University

Download Presentation:

Absolute abstinence?: a mixed methods exploration of alcohol and pregnancy in England and Sweden


Emma Geijer-Simpson, University of Newcastle

Download Presentation:

Family-involved preventative interventions to reduce co-occurring risky alcohol use and mental health problems in young people aged 12-17 years: a systematic review and meta-analysis


Session 5: Parallel Sessions

Parallel Session 3: Alcohol and mental health

Lorna Hardy, University of Exeter

Download Presentation:

Depression and sensitivity to negative mood induced alcohol-seeking: what role do coping motives play?


Blessing Marandure, DeMontfort University

Download Presentation:

Resilience and depression in adolescents: exploring the moderation effects of alcohol use


Brian Beach, International Longevity Centre, UKD

Download Presentation:

Drink Wise, Age Well: alcohol use, work and retirement among people aged 50+ in the UK


Parallel Session 4: Violence and trauma

Justin Moorhead, Liverpool John Moores University

Download Presentation:

The role of alcohol misuse in military veterans’ violent offending


Sarah Fox, Manchester Metropolitan University

Download Presentation:

The missing conversation: women, substance use and domestic abuse



Our sincere thanks to all those who entered our paper and poster competitions this year.

We’d like to congratulate the winners Sarah Fox and Kara Holloway for their excellent contributions:

Sarah Fox, winner of the Ray Hodgson award for Best Paper

Kara Holloway, winner of the Ray Hodgson award for Best Poster