The Postgraduate and Early Career Symposium 2014

This symposium was co-organised by Alcohol Research UK and Dr Linda Ng Fat, Samantha Wilkinson and Natasha Clarke.

Click on the titles below to view videos of the presentations.


Robin Room
Professor Robin Room (University of Melbourne)
Thinking about the interplay between drinking cultures and drinking policies

Panel 1: ‘Understanding Drinking Cultures’ (Chair: Professor Robin Room)

The Understanding Drinking Cultures Panel

Melanie Lovatt (Sheffield University)
A new approach to measuring drinking cultures in Britain

Rachel Brown (Cardiff University)
Alcohol and new university students

Samantha Wilkinson (Manchester University)
Spaces and places of young people’s drinking practices

Jemma Lennox (Glasgow University)
Young adults, alcohol and gendered identities on social networking sites [Winner of the Ray Hodgson Prize for best paper]

Panel 2: ‘Retail and Regulation’ (Chair: Dr James Nicholls)

The Retail and Regulation panel

Colin Angus (Sheffield University)
Is your drinking a postcode lottery?

Jessica Li (Sheffield University)
British public attitudes towards alcohol policies

Fizz Annand (Middlesex University)
Developing and delivering local partnership schemes (video not available)

Inge Kersbergen (Liverpool University)
Visual attention to health information on alcoholic drinks containers

 Panel 3: ‘Opportunities for Prevention’ (Chair: Professor Ray Hodgson)

Emma Davies (Oxford Brookes University)
A think aloud study evaluating an alcohol misuse intervention for young people

Harmony Otete (Nottingham University)
Opportunities for prevention in primary healthcare settings

Lisa Scholin (Liverpool John Moores University)
Experiences of alcohol advice among parents during pregnancy

Jin Zhou (Edge Hill University)
Sports and spirits: Mixing alcohol consumption, identity and happiness (video not available)

Panel 3: ‘Identifying Risks’ (Chair: Dr Linda Ng Fat)

The Identifying Risks Panel

Dr Robyn Burton (Public Health England)
A record-linkage study of the role of alcohol in drug-related deaths (video not available)

Natasha Clarke (Liverpool University)
Alcohol-induced risk-taking on the BART mediates alcohol priming

Katherine Jackson (Newcastle University)
A qualitative synthesis of studies exploring non-dependent women’s experiences of drinking and stress

Dr Carly Lightowlers (Liverpool John Moores University)
Young people’s drinking attitudes in England and Wales

 Congratulations to Jemma Lennox, winner of the Ray Hodgson award for Best Paper!