Research Studentships

Postgraduate Research Studentships

Up to three studentships a year will be jointly-funded (up to £10,000 each per year for three years) to enable a student to undertake research in the alcohol field leading to a PhD. The university applying must be willing to match fund or have an offer of match funding (ie at least £10,000 per annum for three years) from an appropriate organisation, such as the ESRC, before they can apply. No more than one Research Studentship per year will be awarded to any institution.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer financial support to students outside of this scheme.

The closing date for the submission of applications this year will be 18th October 2017.

The Studentship Committee will make their deliberations and all applicants will be advised of the outcome of their submissions.  Successful institutions will be required to enter into a formal agreement, which sets out the terms and conditions of the award.

In order to qualify:

  • The institution providing the study must be a UK university;
  • There must be an offer (or at least a very good possibility of an offer) of match funding;
  • The research proposal must be robust and address Alcohol Research UK’s aims and objectives;
  • There must be assurance that the student chosen will be networked in with appropriate academic support.

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