Conference 2016 – Critical measures: next steps in alcohol research and policy

At its Annual Conference in March 2016, Alcohol Research UK gathered together senior executives, policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and other leading experts from across the UK and beyond to discuss new evidence on patterns of alcohol use, alcohol risks and harm, developing interventions, and reflections on the relationship between alcohol research and evidence-informed policy.

In a series of themed panel discussions and speaker presentations, the following questions were explored:

  • Calculating risk – how do we better measure the relationship between alcohol consumption and a range of potential harms?
  • Measuring consumption – how can we better understand patterns of consumption across society?
  • Policy impacts – how can we test the impact of research on alcohol policy, and alcohol policies on consumption and harm?
  • Treatment and prevention – how can research help us measure the effects of interventions on problem drinkers?

Speaker presentations addressing these issues and providing further insights are available here.