New Trustees Appointed

The ongoing growth and development of Alcohol Research UK has been boosted by several new trustee appointments.

Professor Alan Maryon-Davis takes over at the charity’s helm by becoming Chair. He replaces Professor Robin Davidson whose term has come to an end. Alan, who is honorary professor of public health at Kings College London, has been a trustee of Alcohol Research UK for the last four years so will be able to hit the ground running. He says:

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that policy and practice around tackling alcohol harm be based on proper research-based evidence, and I’m very much looking forward spearheading Alcohol Research UK at such an exciting time. I’m also delighted that we’ll be able to benefit from the incredibly useful mix of skills and experience in the shape of our new trustees.

Joining Alan are three new trustees who will help to further diversify the range of skills on the board. Helen Boaden is Director of BBC Radio; Derek Heim is Professor of Psychology at Edge Hill University and Dr Michael Cross is Founder and Chair of Rezatec Ltd. Dr Cross stated that:

Alcohol Research UK plays an increasingly important role in helping policy makers, health providers and the general public in shaping how alcohol is consumed. I look forward to contributing to the development of Alcohol Research UK and helping it to increase the amount of research we support.

Professor Heim added:

Society has an ambivalent relationship to alcohol.  Many people enjoy drinking without adverse consequences yet alcohol is also associated with a broad array of individual and social harm. Alcohol Research UK  is dedicated to minimising the negative impacts of alcohol, and I look forward to supporting this extremely important mission.