Named endowment fund

Alcohol Research UK’s endowment is money that we have invested to earn a sustainable and reliable income that can be used to make grants year after year. Our endowment is currently worth about £15 million. However, if we can make it even bigger we will be able to fund more projects far into the future.

You can create a named fund within the endowment by donating at least £20,000 as a one-off donation (in your lifetime or as a legacy) or in instalments. We will then ‘ring-fence’ your donation within the overall endowment and separately identify the income that it produces each year. Grants awarded from the income will be made in your fund’s name (e.g. “The Jim Smith Family Fund”).

We will assess the many grant applications that we receive each year and identify those that best fit any priorities that you have set for your named fund. You can either leave it to us to decide which of these should receive a grant from your fund, or you can ask us to run a short-list past you first. We will provide you with an annual report to show how your fund has been used and, of course, you will be able add further donations to the fund whenever you like, to increase its impact.

If you are able to donate £150,000 or more to create a named endowment fund, you can ask us to manage it separately from our other grant programmes. This means it can have its own branded application forms to reflect the priorities and objectives that you have set for it. People will apply exclusively to your named fund and, subject to our trustees’ approval, it can also have its own, separate, decision-making process which can involve you.