An Evaluation of the Option 2 Intensive Family Preservation Service

Research and Development Grant

Option 2 reduces the use of care system in families where parental alcohol misuse is a factor, but what impact does it have on parental substance use, child welfare and family functioning?

An evaluation of the Moving Parents and Children Together (M-PACT) Programme

Research and Development Grant

Substance misuse severely affects families especially children. Members of Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities face additional complex issues.

Preventing Alcohol and Drug Misuse in Young People

Adaptation and Testing of the Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 (SFP10-14) for use in the United Kingdom

Young people may suffer significant adverse consequences either directly related to their drug and alcohol use and/or as a result of their lifestyle, influenced by their substance misuse.

Child Risk and Parental Resistance: Can Motivational Interviewing Improve the Practice of Child and Family Social Workers in Working with Parental Alcohol Misuse?

Research and Development Grant

Motivational interviewing is a counselling method developed for working with people who have a drink or drugs problem. A particular focus is on working with “denial”, so it seems likely to be helpful for social workers in their work with parents who misuse alcohol.

Review of projects and initiatives that support children and families affected by alcohol misuse

Research and Development Grant

This review of projects seeks to develop a database of initiatives; services and projects that currently exist in the UK to support children and families affected by alcohol misuse. Also to analyse the range of services and summarise evidence of effectiveness.