People in deprived communities more at risk of alcohol-related harm

New research published in the open access journal BMC Public Health shows that adults living in deprived communities in England are at greater risk of suffering alcohol-related disease and death compared to those living in non-deprived communities despite drinking similar amounts of alcohol. This is referred to as the ‘alcohol harm paradox’.

Video: Alcohol Research UK annual conference 2013

Videos from the Alcohol Research UK annual conference ‘Alcohol and British Society’ held at the Wellcome Trust in March 2013. Presenters include Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Professor Mark Bellis, Professor Keith Humphreys, Professor David Foxcroft and Baroness Finlay of Llandaff.

Conference 2013: Professor Mark Bellis on the ‘alcohol harm paradox’

Professor Mark Bellis sets out initial findings from Alcohol Research UK’s current Flagship Research Grant – Understanding the Alcohol ‘Harm Paradox’. He examines why the poorest 20% of people in Britain suffer up to twice the levels of alcohol related harm as the most affluent 20% – despite reporting similar, or lower, levels of consumption.