The history of alcohol issues in the UK

In a new set of videos our Director of Research and Policy Development, James Nicholls, speaks to the Film Exchange on Alcohol and Drugs about the history of alcohol issues in the UK.

Video: ‘Under Control?’ conference

Videos from ‘Under Control?: Alcohol and Drug Regulation, Past and Present’ held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in June 2013. This conference was co-sponsored by Alcohol Research UK and included presentations on alcohol history and policy from a number of leading researchers.

Video: An infernal spark: drink, addiction and disease

This talk by our Research Manager, James Nicholls, was given at the Museum of London as part of the Gresham College series of public lectures. It looks at the history of ideas around alcohol and addiction in the UK (45 minutes).

The Normalisation of Binge Drinking? An Historical and Cross Cultural Investigation with Implications for Action

Research and Development Grant

A matter of current social, media and political concern, rarely out of the headlines and a focus of policy activity. This study examines why binge drinking is sometimes portrayed as a recent phenomenon when it has a history and concern about it is not new.