Framing the alcohol policy debate

A new open access article by Benjamin Hawkins and Chris Holden is available online. ‘Framing the alcohol debate: industry actors and the regulation of the UK beverage alcohol market’ (Critical Policy Studies) is based on an Alcohol Research UK-funded project which analysed the role of alcohol industry in the formulation of British alcohol policy.  The […]

Industry use of evidence in policy debates

A new study by a team based at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine claims alcohol industry submissions to a Scottish consultation on alcohol policy misrepresented research evidence on alcohol harms. A full version of the article is available here. The article is based on research funded by Alcohol Research UK.  The Insight […]

Alcohol Industry Influence on Public Policy: A Case Study of Pricing and Promotions Policy in the UK

Research and Development Grant

Whilst much of the literature on alcohol policy exhibits a clear assumption that industry actors are extremely powerful, we know relatively little about the processes through which alcohol policy is made and the specific role played by industry actors in these processes.