New research report: Problematic alcohol use among women involved in prostitution

A new study funded by an Alcohol Research UK Small Grant to Eaves gives important insights into the problematic use of alcohol among women involved in prostitution.

Video: ‘Under Control?’ conference

Videos from ‘Under Control?: Alcohol and Drug Regulation, Past and Present’ held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in June 2013. This conference was co-sponsored by Alcohol Research UK and included presentations on alcohol history and policy from a number of leading researchers.

New funding opportunity: Alcohol Research UK Flagship Grant

Alcohol Research UK will co-fund research with the MRC and ESRC to explore the link between harms caused by alcohol and drinking behaviours  Our second flagship initiative is a collaboration between Alcohol Research UK, the Medical Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council.  Successful projects will investigate links between specific harms and distinct […]

Conference 2013: Professor Keith Humphreys and Baroness Finlay of Llandaff on Science and British Alcohol Policy

President Obama’s former drugs advisor, Professor Keith Humphreys, discusses the role of science in developing alcohol policy. Arguing that policy should be about values, not simply science, he presents three areas in which evidence can, nonetheless, strongly inform the debate. In particular, he calls for a swifter adoption of mandatory sobriety schemes, the expansion of treatment and recovery for dependent drinkers, and the introduction of minimum unit pricing.

Commentary: The Government’s Alcohol Strategy

This paper comments on the evidence-base underpinning some of the key policy proposals within the Strategy and outlines research we’ve funded which is relevant to these proposals.

In:tuition Programme – Call for Proposals

Feasibility and Initial Process Evaluation of In:tuition

We are inviting proposals from suitably qualified researchers to undertake the above study by July 2012, on behalf of Drinkaware.

Why do individuals delay accessing treatment for alcohol concerns? A pilot study

Small Grant

This pilot was undertaken by Gloucestershire Community Research Unit, where local figures highlight that alcohol users take an average of twelve years longer to access treatment from their first use of alcohol versus drug users. This suggests that problem alcohol users experience a set of treatment barriers that are specific to alcohol use. Research exploring the treatment pathway for alcohol users has recognised that multiple factors are at play, including social influence, personal attitudes, psychological influences and treatment-specific factors.

Review of projects and initiatives that support children and families affected by alcohol misuse

Research and Development Grant

This review of projects seeks to develop a database of initiatives; services and projects that currently exist in the UK to support children and families affected by alcohol misuse. Also to analyse the range of services and summarise evidence of effectiveness.