The new alcohol guidelines explained

The UK Chief Medical Officers have published new guidelines for low-risk levels of alcohol consumption.  This brief guide will explain what they mean.

Statement on new CMO guidelines on low risk drinking

Alcohol Research UK welcomes the new guidelines by the UK Chief Medical Officers and calls for a public debate to increase understanding on the levels of risk associated with alcohol consumption.

Researching the effects of Digital Storytelling as a brief alcohol intervention for young people delivered in non-medical settings

Research and Development Grant

Digital Stories are short films which use photographs and music to address the consequences of binge drinking such as feeling ill, getting into trouble with the police, being in prison, and being hospitalised after a road traffic accident.

Can alcohol screening and brief intervention work in a young people’s sexual health service?

Small Grant

What are the practical and service implications involved in implementing a routine screening and brief intervention model alongside the day-to-day running of a young persons’ sexual health clinic.

The effectiveness of interventions in the alcohol server setting for preventing injuries: findings from a Cochrane Systematic Review

Research and Development Grant

Increasing attention is being given to supply-side interventions, which attempt to alter the environment and the context within which alcohol is supplied and consumed; the aim being to modify the drinking and/or the drinking environment so that potential harm is minimised.

Are intoxicated males more aggressive or do aggressive males like a drink?

Research and Development Grant

Alcohol and violent crime are certainly associated. People who have committed a violent crime are often intoxicated when they commit the crime, however, this relation­ship can be understood in two ways. Does alcohol intoxication causes aggression or do people with an aggressive predisposition tend to misuse alcohol?

An evaluation of an action planning intervention to reduce the incidence of high-risk single session alcohol consumption in high risk drinkers

Research and Development Grant

Evaluating an intervention designed to promote sensible drinking amongst moderate drinkers who exceed the daily recommended alcohol units on an average day.