Stilwell virtual community – new training resource

A new training resource for alcohol services has been produced by the University of Cumbria, following a project supported by an Alcohol Research UK Small Grant and funding from the North West Strategic Health Authority.  The ‘Stilwell’ virtual community uses fictional characters and story-lines to bring health and social care practice to life.  It is designed […]

Alcohol and other drugs in social care – three new reports

Three new reports looking at alcohol and other drugs in social care practice, education and training have been added to the Alcohol Library.  Produced by researchers at the Tina Goldberg Centre (University of Bedfordshire), these reports identify current gaps in support for work around alcohol and substance use across all areas of social care training […]

Substance Use In Social Work Education: A National Survey Of Social Work Qualifying Programmes In England

Research and Development Grant

While parental substance use has attracted some political attention in recent years, increasingly social workers from adults’ as well as children’s social care report increasing levels of substance use among their service user groups. Historically, however, social work has not engaged with the topic of substance use as part of its professional remit nor educated its qualifying social workers to identify, assess or offer any type of substance use intervention, however brief.

Alcohol And Other Drugs In Social Work Practice: Identifying The Extent Of Employment-Based Training In Children’s And Adults’ Services In England

Research and Development Grant

While social workers may be confident in many areas of their work, research has indicated that they are less confident about their work in relation to AOD use. Ensuring that social care professionals receive training in AOD use is a crucial step towards supporting them to provide an effective service to service users with problematic AOD use and to address the gap left by qualifying social work programmes.

Social Care Practice With Older People, People With Learning Disabilities, And Physically Disabled People Who Use Alcohol And Other Drugs

Research and Development Grant

Practitioners working with older people, adults with learning disabilities and physically disabled adults encounter AOD problems relatively infrequently compared with child protection or adult mental health fields. However, they face significant challenges when they do so.

Working with Older Drinkers

Small Grant

Baby-boomers are likely to have higher levels of alcohol consumption than previous cohorts of older people, placing health & social care services under increasing pressure.

Child Risk and Parental Resistance: Can Motivational Interviewing Improve the Practice of Child and Family Social Workers in Working with Parental Alcohol Misuse?

Research and Development Grant

Motivational interviewing is a counselling method developed for working with people who have a drink or drugs problem. A particular focus is on working with “denial”, so it seems likely to be helpful for social workers in their work with parents who misuse alcohol.